Two Poems by Robert Bartusch

You Might Get a Kick Out of This

The blues burned your ears out.
The smoke burned your lungs out,
The broads burned your heart up,
The food or drink goes to the left of the diner.
The news you get is never good.
I’d rather work in a record store;
I could spend my time around the music that has consumed me
Instead of the bottles and the cans and the kegs.
My saxophone hasn’t blown in six months.
Sometimes you can become too focused on the reward
Then spin out
When you get right up to it.

We Be Jammin’ in A All Day

I can’t cry them wet tears for you
You’re just a biscuit muncher, that much is true.
You were still a Cap’ N Cruncher when I first started
Working the bars,
I want to drive around blind in your daddy’s sportscar.
Don’t know where you went,
Don’t even know who you are.
She’s my Egyptian Pillhead Queen
Finest thing I’ve ever seen
She runs into Jer-Zees like a maniac
Now all she wants is her backpack back.
I’m sorry for not paying attention
I was looking at the mirror image
Of a lookalike wannabe.
I’ll take a handful and she’ll take two,
She won’t even remember what we’ll do.
You’re a lucky guy tonight, that’s for sure.
Lucky she walked out that Pepper Pod door.
She couldn’t pass the intelligence test
But I couldn’t stop looking at her chest.
She’ll give you the blues that you can’t get rid of,
Makes you think about what you didn’t do
That you really should’ve.
I’m going to save all my money and buy you a truck.
We’ll drive it out to the country and cuddle,
Pretty soon you’re going to burst my bubble,
Maybe she’s not worth all this trouble.
She’ll give you the blues and she don’t care.
She’s got 100 things on her mind when you’re deep up
In there.

Robert Bartusch is a bar manager in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is also a songwriter for the rock band Hurricane Hotpants.