The Nightmare Tarot by Lorca Jolene

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“Man is a creature of the between,” wrote philosopher Martin Buber. I mean the figures in my paper menagerie to be guides for whomever will make a binary – between man and woman, flesh and technology, psychosis and sanity – their battleground. They are bicultural gods, cyborg gods, androgynous and mongrel gods who guard liminal space and bless paradox. Their bodies are amalgamations of flesh, cloth, steeples, and flame – as if suspended between a multitude of forms and functions.

Lorca Jolene is a graduate student of clinical psychology and a queer scholar. By night, she is the Dr. Frankenstein of paper collage, smitten with the medium’s potential to create surreal, grotesque forms. Her work appears at Chicago’s Transistor gallery and has been featured on Purchase her artwork here.