All the Feels: Loose Chicks Share Stories That Other Women Keep to Themselves: A Review by Stephanie Hammond

Loose Chicks (c) 2017

Nestled between the fiction stacks of Uncharted Books on the second Friday of every month, you’ll find the reading series Loose Chicks. A show comprised of a rotating group of eclectic women each eagerly awaiting to share their experiences – ones that other women might prefer to keep to themselves.

Of course, that is the very idea behind Loose Chicks.

Founded in 2009 and co-produced by Roberta Miles and Jillian Erickson, the series looks for “courageous women who will allow themselves to be vulnerable as they share with uncommon honesty.” Their collection of writers/performers assembled for the February show is no exception.

With short, humorous introductions by Richard Norby, the women begin to spin their unique nonfiction tales for an eager audience. Tonight’s selections have a vast range. Some highlights include:  A modern day Huck Finn tale of a bored college student’s rebellious-like greyhound adventure – featuring a convict seatmate. The consequences of announcing the faux literary murder of a sociopathic coworker on Facebook and how sometimes the frequent delays of Frontier airline’s flights are less about inconvenience and more about the serendipitous meeting of a new friend.

Each reading brought about a new round of rotating emotions. I laughed, I cried, I briefly shared in the anxiety of borderline hoarding. The often humorous and raw glimpse into these women’s lives and the straightforward way in which they are delivered make for a fun, great show. This is definitely a reading series worth checking out.

In addition to the monthly shows at Uncharted Books, Loose Chicks can also be found at Emerald City Coffee in Uptown.


February 24th

Loose Chicks – Uptown

8:00pm at Emerald City Coffee

(1224 West Wilson Avenue, Chicago, IL 60640)


March 10th

Loose Chicks – Logan Square

7:15pm at Uncharted Books

(2620 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647)