It is Happening Again | A Special Series Dedicated to Twin Peaks June 6th-September 3rd, 2017

Charles Arrowsmith (c) 2014

“It is happening again.”
–The Giant, Twin Peaks 

It’s time to return to a place both wonderful and strange. With the arrival of Twin Peaks: The Return over at Showtime this summer, we’re starting a special, ongoing series dedicated to David Lynch’s subversive television masterpiece.

What we’re looking for:

Submit a 300-500 word essay dedicated to what Twin Peaks means to you.

Some questions to chew on:

What was it like the first time you watched Twin Peaks? Who is your favorite character? What are your thoughts on the second season versus the first? What was your favorite episode and why? What are your thoughts on David Lynch’s ouevre? How do you think Twin Peaks: The Return compares to the first season?

Please be sure to proofread and edit your work!