Hiring by Gabriela Jimenez-Carrillo

Got Up//Woke Up

First Thought// I don’t belong out here
Let me perpetuate;
If I raise my voice
I’m angry black woman
Same thing from a white woman
Is expected
My therapist says it’s to be expected
Says I’ve already climbed high enough
But my wages still entry level on
A skilled position
Haven’t been here a year
But been dreamin’ of leavin’
We do too much
For too little
For a house on half a lot
In a bad neighborhood
For a car you gotta drive with
The windows pulled up
And doors locked
In august heat
Shut up and sit down
Or get your ass beat
For credit cards you gotta keep
Tucked Underneath receipts
so no one else sees
So many repeat problems
Got you wonderin’
If you’re not the issue
But you never are

Got Up//Woke Up
First Thought// Are y’all hiring// up they’re in heaven
Or down here in hell//sometime i think// we takin’ it to far

Or not far enough
Choking on the quiet racism
Of the politically correct
Upper class

Got Up//Woke Up
First Thought// I don’t belong out here

Carrillo is a 39th ward subject who likes deep dish, dogs, and dislikes the lake.