Announcing the Tiny Folktale Issue!

From July 21st to August 11th, we’re holding a special issue dedicated to tiny folktales told in vignette form or told in six words or less.

What are we looking for?
Unique folktales told in short form. Submitters can either send in stories told in six words or a vignette that ranges between our soft word count of 200-400 words.

What kind of folktales?
Think Grimm’s Fairy Tales and L’Morte d’Arthur. We’re especially wanting folktales told through the lens of contemporary culture (think like Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Lauren Groff’s Arcadia).

What don’t you want?
Please, please respect the mandated word count. Again, this is a tiny folktale issue with a limited timeline. We’re expecting to open the issue Monday, July 24th (or sooner) and close it Friday, August 11th. Save your longer work for upcoming issues.

Is there anything else?
Nope! Happy submitting!