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As a 501c3 education and literacy nonprofit, we rely on the generosity of patrons and readers like you.

Running an online magazine is no easy feat: we rely on subscription services such as WordPress, Submittable, Duotrope, and Classy.org to make us the well-oiled engine we are. As you can imagine, these subscriptions aren’t free and are mostly paid out of pocket.

  • Our annual WordPress domain and business subscription bundle run at $99.00.
  • The professional Submittable plan we use to read free submissions rings in at $374.00 annually.
  • Duotrope, the subscription service we use to reach a vast audience of new writers, costs us $50.00 monthly.
  • Classy.org, which keeps our nonprofit up and running, costs us $372.00 annually.

Altogether, the cost of running Chicago Literati adds up to $895.00 a year.

This is why we’re asking you to make a small but generous donation.

Your donation will help Chicago Literati continue to be a free online magazine that gives myriad authors a platform to use their voice and gain new exposure. By making a donation to us, you can be assured that we’ll continue to read submissions without charging a fee and won’t charge readers with a paywall.

Please consider making a donation to us. We need your help.