“If you want to see what someone is made of, observe how they respond to a problem. This is especially fascinating cinematically when women are at the forefront.”

“I know, I wanted to say, resisting the urge to tell him we’d sat through it numerous times in my childhood. It wasn’t a suggestion, just a statement he made glancing over the header of his papers, but I pressed play anyway. It’s funny how the memories you make are so shaped by perception. The scenes I thought I remembered looked so different to me as an adult, were engaging and entertaining, and hysterically campy and unique. How refreshing, a future where humanity didn’t get wiped out in a horrible apocalypse, even well into the twenty-third century, and men like Korben Dallas can be cab drivers and heroes.”

“It is from this primordial soup of artistic genius and failure that Tommy Wiseau first came to the world. Slope-backed, Neanderthalian, indecipherable, and surprisingly muscly, Wiseau spent three years and six million dollars giving his Citizen Kane to the world. The resulting film, 2003’s The Room, has gone down in history as one of the worst pieces of cinema ever unleashed, paradoxically earning it thousands of fans and netting Wiseau a lucrative career mocking himself for audiences’ pleasure.”

“If you want to see me breathe fire tell me “it’s just a movie.” I dare you. Extra burn if you call it a “chick flick.” These five of my favorite, less talked about, Hollywood films that subvert the common tropes of girls as dumb, superficial, boy-crazed, victims and instead focus on the ways girls are brilliant, talented, funny, and resistant within a patriarchal system that would prefer they be submissive, silent or invisible.”

“So even with an IQ of 168, Marilyn could never escape her breakthrough role as not only a “dumb blonde,” but also as the centerpiece of a nude calendar. When she talked business, executives saw plump flesh and plush velvet – not an artist with a voice and a vision. Besides, no one was willing to place an expensive motion picture in the hands of a woman they’d fantasized about in the shower.”